We collect seasonal foods and make the most of their natural flavors. Mame-sara dishes cooked in several kinds of soup stock. Rice cooked in an Okudo-san in the center of the restaurant. You can enjoy the soup stock and the steam of the rice with your eyes and the aroma of freshly cooked rice and various dashi broths at the counter kitchen. Please enjoy a breakfast filled with MUKU's passion getting the morning sun of Arashiyama

Dashi of MUKU

Using carefully selected ingredients and water Temperature, time, and heat are all carefully considered. MUKU's soup stock is made with the utmost care. We went back to the basics and faced the familiar taste of dashi from the very beginning. Please enjoy the taste using various soup stocks with different characteristics at that time only.
MUKU ARASHIYAMA is a Place with delicious meal and refresh when the moment during morning to lunch in YADO ARASHIYAMA.