About Dashi


MUKU uses dashi soup stock in a wide variety of combinations.
That was chosen various dry foods are ordered from all over Japan.

The course includes a soup stock that takes advantage of the synergy of umami along with seasonal ingredients.
We incorporate the synergistic effects of seasonal ingredients and dashi broth, so you can enjoy a wide variety of flavors.

Welcome Dashi

This appetizing and elegant soup stock combines flavorful, full-bodied, deep-flavored natural kelp and sweet, refreshing pickled plums.

Glutamic acid, Citric acid

Thickened Soy Sauce of Dashi

A broth that combines the clean, refreshing taste of flying fish, which is low in fat and has little cloying taste, with the full aroma of shiitake mushrooms for a relaxing broth.

Inosinic acid, Glutamic acid

Soup stock made for eggs rolled

Elegantly sweet and gently flavored tuna knots and Combined with aromatic and flavorful clear kelp, this broth is designed to bring out the true flavor of eggs.

Inosinic acid, Glutamic acid


The elegant flavor of sea bream is combined with the clean flavor of grilled flying fish.The natural sweetness, umami, and acidity of tomatoes are added to the broth, and the extract of shellfish gives it a deep flavor.

Inosinic acid, Glutamic acid, Succinic acid

Ochazukedashi “rice with tea poured on it”

Rishiri kelp, which has a well-balanced taste without any peculiarities, is combined with MUKU's original dried bonito flakes, which have been carefully balanced in terms of aroma, flavor and depth.

Inosinic acid, Glutamic acid

MUKU recommended Drip Dashi Chazuke

We have Drip Dashi Chazuke as an a la carte item separating from the course meal.
This is a drip dashi chazuke, in which warm kombu dashi is poured over dried bonito flakes in a dripper, and you finish by brewing your own freshly made dashi.
By brewing the Dashi as if you were brewing a cup of coffee You can enjoy the flavor and aroma as much as you like.

Enjoy with fresh sea bream marinated in plenty of sesame seeds and ginger soy sauce.

Particular about Dried Bonito Flakes

The dried bonito flakes used in the Drip Dashi Chazuke are MUKU and Nishimura Asamori Shoten, a bonito flake shop in Makurazaki City, Kagoshima Prefecture, jointly developed an original blend of bonito flakes.

Please try our dried bonito flakes for dripping carefully selected from a variety of shapes and types.